Monday, May 30, 2005


Today was the last day of Folklife. As I got to check in there was that same guy from the last 2 days already there and set up with laptop and bags of food. Very weird. He doesn't look homeless, but I can't figure it out. I did my greeter shift and got slightly annoyed. We were at the monorail entrance and got a lot of tourists who were just here for the touristy stuff, not realizing something else was going on. That's not what annoyed me. The entrance was pretty busy. There were 2 of us out there doing the money and programs. Behind the table at the information desk... 4. Like 2 of them couldn't have come out and help us? And part way through the shift one of the info booth guys said we should hold on to 5's and 10's from the contributions so we could make change. Yes, let's add one more thing for us to d over here since we're so damn busy and the 4 of you are just sitting there on your asses. The one guy was an older guy... 'been doing this for 20 years' blah blah blah. He kept insisting on doing things his way even though a - he hadn't been working the greeter booths ever and b - he was wrong. AND he was like an adult learner... just kept telling these sutpidass stories. Blargh.

At lunch there was a random stopper. Y'all know how I feel about them. This one carrying a baby. Seriously, good thing I noticed the back of his baby bjorn because I was seriously tempted to push him.

I spent the afternoon with the kids again. We had a good time. Today I was at a booth where we made dragon masks and lanterns. It was a good time. The son of the woman of the booth cracked me up. I forget sometimes how funny teenagers can be one on one. A gaggle of them is not fun. Yesterday outside the boat booth was this gaggle of teens - I don't think they were homeless - but they were in the way AND they were using craft scissors to cut one of the others' unclean hair. That was gross. Also on the bus today, there was a girl and 2 guys. The girl had fangs, although I'm not sure how they were there. She was sitting with one guy who was obviously her boyfriend and this other guy facing them and whatever. Anyway, they go to get off the bus and she's being led by a leash. This overwhelms another girl on the bus who yells at her about if she likes that. Fang girl affirms. It was very odd.

My final thought for the day - the guy who sells Real Change newspapers should make a vague attempt to remember that I just bought one from him less than 5 minutes ago. It makes me less grumpy with him.

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