Thursday, May 12, 2005

One is right... one is not so right.

So Michelle & Matt both gave me differing advice on what to do about workcrush post Cinco de Mayo show. Michelle felt I should wait until I see him again and then talk to him. Matt, take the bull by the horns and email him. Yesterday I succumed to MP's pressure and emailed workcrush. It was a nice breezy email I think. Nothing really to be taken from it. "Hey workcrush, I saw your show on Thursday. You guys are really good. Next time you're playing locally let me know" something to that effect. Now this isn't too traumatizing. Until you combine with big queen who works with workcrush. I've known big queen since I moved here I think. I worked with big queen when I temped for IT (before they were outsourced and workcrush started working for them). BQ and I went to lunch together today. Workcrush mentions to BQ that I saw the show. BQ invites workcrush to lunch. Workcrush declines because he doesn't like the fac caf. BQ says that I'll be so disappointed because 'I have the hots for him.' Sigh. Now with BQ it is always hard to tell if he's serious or not... But in any event... sigh. I'm hoping workcrush is oblivious, although I'm never that lucky. Hmmm... where to find a new one. :) Maybe wild fling in Hawaii. Yay Hawaii! So, the moral of the story... 2 actually. Michelle is always right and some gay men probably cannot be trusted. (Although men who do not identify themselves using such labels as gay or bi or straight may still be trusted, the jury's still out on that.) :D


Peeved Michelle said...

[not gloating]

Mishka said...

I guess when you see him again, you'll know the answer...although awkward silences can mean many things....

BTW,I think the email was fine (very casual and friendly), if there hadn't been added commentary you might have gotten away with it...eeekkk.

A Hawaii fling might be just what you need.

Putnawa said...

That. Fat. Bastard. Is. Going. Down.

Cut him off, Joanne. He's a shit. The bitter, hugely fat, bastard is sabotaging your chances with workcrush because .... well, because he's bitter. There was something a bit meaner on the tips of my fingers, but I'm going to let it go.

That's a lie. I'm not going to let it go. I'm going to unload it on the fat turd when I see him next.

Again, cut him off.

(Incidentally, had I realized BQ-the-short-lived was involved I probably would've advised not emailing him.)

(Thanks, PM, for not gloating.)