Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I RULE! (And other stuff)

Turning into my father:
Every once in a while I figure out that I'm basically turning into one of my parents. Today it is my father... :) When I was a little girl, he would get home from work and change into his after work clothes. Sometimes, he would be tired so he would lay down on the bed in his t-shirt and boxers and not sleep, necessarily, but just rest. Today I was so tired after work I ended up lying in my bed just resting, not sleeping. It was so nice... but apparently I'm also SOOO old. :(

I will never eat hotdogs again!:
For lunch today, I got hotdogs from the student center. Grr... Less than an hour later poor tummy is rumbly. There's little worse than having to run to the restroom several times in your work afternoon. :(

Foot Lotion:
I spent many hours on my feet today. They were very unhappy after work, but I have this great foot lotion. It stinks but makes my feet feel so much better! :)

And finally I RULE!:
Today was our employee benefit fair. An event I planned. It went awesome! The vendors were appreciative of getting lunch and how nicely everything was set up. The employees were appreciative of the vendors and all the work I put into it. Even my biggest boss came up and said I did a great job. That's very nice. :)


Putnawa said...

Congrats, Joanne!

Mishka said...

Sounds like it was awesome...congrats.

Always Smiling said...

Don't worry - I'm turning into my mother too..sometimes I swore would NEVER happen! :-)

Stephen said...

You do, indeed, rool!

I like to think of myself as waging a virtual battle between the demons of my mother and my father... and doing a little damage control along the way ;)
My pop would veg out with the tv and a newspaper for the night when he got home. I don't watch tv or read [the newspaper] ;) But I do blab a lot online!

I stopped getting the tummy grumblings after dropping meat. Just saying... ;)

Do you have a foot soaking tub?