Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ten Years of Michelle

I wanted to do this thing too that Cat and Joanne did, but I didn't want to push Joanne's down since this is her blog and I didn't want to post it at The Peevery since that isn't really the place for it. Anyway...

10 years ago
I was 20.
I found my first gray hair on the night of my 20th birthday party, a surprise party that Joanne arranged.
I was having fun in college, thousands of miles away from home.
I worked as an RA in the dorms.
I realized what it means to be a late bloomer.
I wasn't yet slutty.

5 years ago
I was 25.
I had just moved out of the house where I lived with Joanne and my friend Missy from high school.
I was working as a writer at a dot com start-up.
I was thinner than I had been since the eighth grade.
I was dating my future husband.
I was no longer slutty.

3 years ago
I was 27.
I was was about to get married and was house hunting.
I was working as a producer at my second dot com and didn't know I would be reorganized into a different position by the time I returned from my honeymoon.
I was working on my first novel.
My grandma died.
I was so stressed about everything that my hair was falling out.

1 year ago
I was 29.
I'd just had Lasik surgery to correct my vision.
I started working as a producer at my third dot com.
I had abandoned both my first and second novels.
I was applying to film school to be a screenwriter.
My husband and I sold our condo and bought a new house.
We got a new dog; a girl dog. Then we had one of each.
I was unconcered about my fertility issues and started looking more seriously at adoption.
I wasn't yet worried about turning 30 but soon would be.
I had about ten gray hairs that I kept a diligent watch on, plucking them as soon as they appeared.

I am leaving my third dot com at the end of the week, either to return to my second dot com or to move on to my fourth, but I am not sure yet which it will be.
I didn't get into film school.
My husband and I make a lot of money but we have a lot of debt.
I wish we didn't have any dogs.
I am the fattest I have ever been.
I just cut myself some bangs two days ago and they turned out really cute.
My teeth are getting straighter.
I am going to Hawaii in two weeks.
I decided to wait until I am 35 to have kids.
I recently discovered a gray hair in my eyebrow, but it is in the unibrow portion and gets waxed away every two weeks.


cat said...

i have had grey hair since i was 16. :)

can i just say how much i like this look back at life post?? i am so glad i stole this from someone. hehe.

um.. can someone please explain to me what "dot com" is supposed to mean? an internet company? (sorry, i don't get it. i must be dim... i live under a rock you see, and sometimes i miss out on a lot of stuff. ha!)

Peeved Michelle said...

Yes, an internet company.

Cindy-Lou said...

These are cool! Very informative and way more open than I would be.