Friday, April 15, 2005

ADD Cleaning

This Saturday will be cleaning Saturday. I know I've been commenting that I need to be cleaning for several weeks now. I also know that I actually have done some cleaning last weekend. Here's why cleaning takes me so long, in a nutshell... I have ADD when it comes to cleaning. I will start on one thing when it comes to cleaning... then maybe clean for 30 min and then take a break... of about 15 min although that sometimes bleeds into 20. Or I will start to clean one thing, then midway through think, oh I really should do this before I finish that... except that this will totally negate all the work on that. For example, I pile my mail and other crap on the fold out piece of my sewing table. I cleaned most of it off the other day... except a few cook books and like 2 other things that I needed to put away. So then I went to clean some other thing, and all of a sudden there's all sorts of crap piled back on the fold out piece. Sigh. My sister will come and my apartment will look like a tornado has it it and she will accept it, because well she grew up with my parents too and inherited the packrat clutter gene.


Peeved Michelle said...

If you really want some help, I can put on my Monica disguise and help you get that place absolutely spotless. We might not be friends when it is over, but you will have a clean apartment.

Joanne said...

You're right we wouldn't be friends anymore and since I need friends more than I need a clean partment, I'll have to say no. :)

Stephen said...

I cleaned the whole house last Sunday and Monday, along with weeding, mowing, and cleaning gutters.

Like I needed a reason to put fresh flowers in every room ;)