Sunday, April 24, 2005


Holy shit I'm tired. And yes, it really is 2:27 in the morning and we just got home. My feet may never forgive me. My knees may never forgive me, but damn we had a good time.

We started out the evening at Cayenne, a relatively new restaurant on the hill in a hotel. The food was actually pretty good. Then we headed over to RPlace for gay boys and alcoholic drinks that are worth their money. We played a few rounds of darts, which probably resulted in a tie between us, not a good sign since she's been playing for all of 1 day, and I've been playing for years. By this point it was around 9:30ish so we hopped into a cab and headed down to Pioneer Square. They have this deal on the weekends where 6 bars work together and you only pay one cover charge and can get into all 6. This was good since it let us check out many bars before sticking with one. We first went into Doc Maynards. Live music was playing. We went in for a few minutes, but it wasn't really our type of music, so we left. We tried several others, always begin slightly disappointed by the music, but cool enough, all of them had live music. Then we headed to Fenix Underground. Now at some point in the past, I may have gotten the wrong impression about Fenix Underground because I thought it was an entirely different type of club. I knew it was more alternative music, but for some reason I thought it was much more underground and (yeah I'll admit it) more scary than it was. More along the lines of lots of leather and spikes and all of that crap. It sooo was not. We had so much fun! I don't know why I'm not more into the live music scene here. (Ok I do know why, 100% why, I have no one to go with. The one person I used to drink with is not a big fan of live music, and more specifically isn't a big fan of the type of music I like.) But seriously, I've lived here almost 3 years now, I need to get out into this more! It was so much fun! There was a live band playing, Kry. They were so freakin' good! They played covers, but a nice variety of them - and all music I liked. We danced and danced and danced. I think we danced for about 3 hours. (No, maybe only 2ish). When we first got to the club, I left my sister to go use the restroom. When I came back there was this guy there chatting her up. Damn, I leave the girl alone for less than 10 minutes, and she's being hit on. The guy was weird and talking to him was hard and so we fled to the bathroom. Two other times she got hit on. One was by a youngish (not youngish 34 but looked youngish!) guy named Chris. He was sooo just looking to get laid. He started a tale of how he was divorced, only recently. And he was having some trouble with this girl. They played pool but he told her he wasn't looking for a serious relationship but she wouldn't stop calling him. Blah blah blah. Eventually the band started playing again and so I got all into it (because it was Linkin Park who I love!) and he wandered off. He may have also sensed the don't mess with my baby sister vibe I gave him. We danced and danced some more, and at the end of the night (1:30) went over to get some water. That's where 3rd guy hit on baby sister! He took her out dancing on the floor until she fled him. Then we headed for home. We walked. The walk home was only 1 mile. Unfortunately it was 1 mile completely UP HILL. And we did a little double backing because as we got towards the park, I realized walking through it at 2ish was a BAD idea... So it is now 3:12 AM and I'm done with this post.

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