Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sunday Adventure Misfire

Today was supposed to be a very busy day. And it was, but not for the right reasons. It started out as every Sunday does... Laundry. I was supposed to meet Matty P at 11:00 this morning for us to go to brunch. One of us got confused and didn't set the clocks for daylight saving time. The other of us broke out the cell phone and made the very first call on it at 11:00, to no answer. So the other of us headed into Caffe Vite for some OJ and reading. I read the Capitol Hill Times and The Stranger. At 11:45 I gave up and tried to call him one more time. This time getting him actually and pointing out that despite his fervent belief that it was 10:45 and he had plenty of time, (which since he hadn't even gotten in the shower yet if it HAD been 10:45 and we were meeting at 11:00 did he REALLY have time?? But I digress) it was actually 11:45 and I had almost given up on him. At about 12:05ish he emerged and we joined up to head for lunch. Matty wanted to go to Bings Bodacious Burgers in Madison Park. That's 40 blocks from where we started. We walked and walked and walked and got there at about 1:00. Now I have to be at the Girl Scout Splash party at 2:30 so we're pushing it on time, but that's my own dumbness. We eat, and go to catch the bus back towards downtown. At 1:56 a bus is supposed to come by. One does, but it is the wrong number... completely. Apparently that was the bus we were supposed to get on. At 2:26 the next bus is due. Sigh. We catch that one and then I get another and I make it to the party at about 2:50. None of my girls are there. None. That's so freaking frustrating! I hang out for awhile longer. At about 3:15 I give up and start my trek home. I was going to go via bus but started walking instead. I kept walking through various streets trying to avoid having to hike up a BIG hill (as opposed to a small hill). It made me kind of sad... Some of these houses could be so beautiful... and they were so trashed. I wanted to rescue them. On my way home, I call Matty (3rd cell phone call on new cell phone I may be in trouble.) to see if he wants to go to coffee. First he says yes, but then once we get back in QFC area he changes his mind. No big deal... I head into QFC to grocery shop. Mmm red meat for dinner. While I'm wandering the produce section of QFC, I realize someone is It's Matty. Scared the crap out of me. I'm never fond of that. I picked up some Dove ice cream things and some Spire Mountain cider, which I'm now consuming. After all this walking and field tripping, I deserve it!

One of the places stalking victim's band is playing is an apple blossom festival. Matty P suggested I field trip to it to check out the festival and all that and be all cool. Except the festival is almost 3 hours away... and looking at the schedule of events on that day, I can't be sure it wouldn't seem as artificial as just randomly showing up at one of the usual bars. Now another way to stalk, he will be playing down at the EMP on the same weekend as Memorial Day weekend, which is when I'll be down there anyway volunteering at the Northwest Folklife Festival. So that could work and be more subtle than the alternative... Or I just give up the whole thing as being far too... hmmm... what's the word... stalkerish. :)


Putnawa said...

If you're not cool enough to go over to Wenatchee for an exciting adventure I guess the EMP gig is a decent alternative.

Peeved Michelle said...

MP was trying to scare you because he knows you are jumpy and he is still smarting from being TRICKED!

If you want me to come up there and help you stalk your work crush, you will have to wait until I quit my job in May.

Joanne said...

Matty P, are you offering to accompany me on an exciting adventure in Wenatchee?

Putnawa said...

Hell, no.

Stephen said...

There are NO exciting trips to Wenatchee.

There ARE trips to Wenatchee involving excessive amounts of alchohol, sleeping, and vomiting off their bridges.

I've never done any of that, but every memory I have of Wenatchee would have been more enjoyable if I had.

Stephen said...

Oh wait... except for the memory of Wenatchee where I got there at midnight and left the following morning at 7am in the dead of winter. So no need to actually look at the town ;)