Friday, April 08, 2005


I want to go to China. I want to go be a tourist. I want to go with some tour group and visit the Great Wall and see the Forbidden City. I want to see the Terra-cotta Warriors. Matty P is a big fan of goals. I think this may be a goal of mine. In 2 years, I want to save enough to take a 10ish day tour of China. I'll admit it, I don't want to have to figure out the intracies of travel there on my own. I'd much rather pay a tour group and ensure I get to see cool sights. We offer Chinese language classes at the U, perhaps I should sign up for one of those... Could be a good idea to learn a tiny bit of the language so I'm not completely helpless.

Also, I emailed a professor of geological and environmental engineering my oil drilling question. I'll let you know what the answer is. :)


Putnawa said...

Goals are good. China is good. Travel is great. Learning a little language is always helpful. Chinese is a bitch to learn, but well worth it, I think.

Emailing the professor is brilliant. I eagerly await the response!

Peeved Michelle said...


Mishka said...

I went to China for 10 days this last summer. It is an amazing place. We only saw a tiny portion of it (Beijing and surrounding area) but it was awesome. We saw and climbed the Great Wall in several different spots, it is so unbelievable, even when you are standing on it...

The people there are very friendly, but the language barrier is more difficult than in some of the other Asian countries I have visited. The subway and bus system is easy to use and figure out in Beijing, even if you don't read or speak Chinese. We did not use a tour guide (never have) and still saw pretty much everything and more that was in the area to see. We enjoy being on our own time schedule and trying out things that would not be on the standard route.

Got a terrific English map at one of the book stores when we got to Beijing and used the heck out of our Lonely Planet book. Internet was a bit hard to find at first, but we did eventually.

Stephen said...

If you go to China, will you ride a big chopper across the great wall?

Either way, I hope to see pics of a gnome in the Yangtzee.