Monday, April 25, 2005

Inexplicable wrath...

Last night while I was watching something on TV, the damn Jack in the Box commercial came on. The one where room service brings in his breakfast and he whines that he wanted a sunrise pannido. Suddenly when he started whining I thought 'I just want to hit that guy with a bat.' It was kind of mean in my head. I was a little bit surprised at myself.

Also, there are movies that I've seen that make my heart hurt. Literally. The scene that causes Edward Norton's character to go to jail in American History X. (If you don't know it is awful and I'm not telling ya). The scene in the church in The Patriot where the people are boarded up inside and they set fire to it. I recall, when I first saw the movie, as it being a much more heart-hurt type of scene. They've edited most of it out for TNT (or TBS I forget which I was watching last night).

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