Friday, April 08, 2005

Proof of Dorkage part 3

According to Play Mash dot com, workcrush and I are totally MFEO. We will drive a pink Toyota. We will have 2 kids and live in an apartment in Australia. I will find work as a bartender. This is if I use lucky number 10. :)

Lucky number 17 gives me workcrush again, driving a yellow Toyota. We will have 6 kids and live in an apartment in Fairbanks. We will own a bookshop.

Really I have to stop this but it is so geekily fun. It totally takes me back to 7th grade and drawing the board and putting (wow, lucky number 14 also gives me workcrush... is this a sign?!) anyway, where was I... takes me back to 7th grade and drawing the board and putting the names of boys we liked and giggling... we also added RPM (rich, poor, middle-class) and one other set of codes that I can't remember.


Peeved Michelle said...

I ended up with a good life with Bubba... mostly. Some numbers did lead to other scenarios, but only one with The Rock and it wasn't that great.

Mishka said...

So who were the other three boys you listed...or were they all workcrush and that is how you are guaranteed to get him...

From what I remember from our version of MASH when I was a kid, the MASH was the type of house, another side was boys, another side was number of kids and the last side was type of car...then we did the spiral in the middle until someone said stop and started counting from there...I am sure there are several versions out there though.

Putnawa said...

Now you totally have to go to his show(s)!!

Stephen said...


You will live in Apartment.
You will drive a Green Prelude (wtf??? I already sold that one).
You will marry XXXX and have 2.5 kids.
You will be a Developer in Chicago.

An apartment in Chicago isn't bad - I might even be able to pitch that car, and L it. I don't believe Illinois is quite progressive enough for my needs!