Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Am I the only one on the planet who still didn't know what FICA was? I work in human resources for christ's sake, and I never knew that FICA is Social Security. I always assumed that Social Security came out as part of the whole big tax deduction. I'm paying for old people to eat cheese! I'm emailing my dad, he's on Social Security. He's going to pay me back for all my FICA payments. It isn't like I'm going to benefit from all that cash when I'm his age.


Putnawa said...

Please don't buy Republican propaganda. Social Security is fine. With tweaking it is a program that can outlast your grandchildren. (That is, if you ever stop making that squeaking noise long enough to have children.)

Joanne said...

It isn't Republican propoganda. Social Security is sort of fine. I don't think we should privatize it the way the Republicans want us to, however I don't think in its current situation I will be covered. Which, actually, Social Security wasn't meant to be complete and total income replacement the way it is currently being used, so that in and of itself is part of the problem.

Stephen said...

Agreed J-money,

SS is slightly f'd. I don't think private accounts are a great idea either, it just moves the money [and the financial processing overhead] into the coffers of the greedies.

Other ways to supplement income?

How about frickin population control! :)