Monday, April 25, 2005

Kicky orange bandana

Matty P & I hit coffee at Starbucks tonight. Because we could sit outside and play our cards in the beautiful sunshine. Except it was in the shade. And it got chilly. :) So we headed up to Charlies so MP could eat dinner. (I had eaten tacos before we left.) I was thinking of having a little more dinner. The waiter mentioned the soup of the day was tortilla soup. I'm not, in general, a soup fan, but for some reason the thought of tortilla soup sounded good... Poor waiter. The first two questions determined if there were beans in the soup and what type of tortillas. With the more obvious eliminators out for me (I don't eat beans and can't eat flour tortillas) I started asking more questions.... specifics about the ingredients, if it is too spicy, and finally if he likes it. I think all totaled, I asked about 10 questions regarding this soup. Once it was time to order it, I had to order it. I couldn't have put the guy through all that and then not ordered it. I'm glad I did. It was good! :) We left there and headed for Vivace, my favorite coffee place. I ordered the ginger spiced cider like usual. Unlike usual, there was a boy serving. He shouldn't make drinks. My ginger spiced cider tasted like warm apple juice. :( I was not pleased. We played some more cards and backgammon and that was about it. Not at all eventful. Except for the part where MP threatened revenge. And it was good to see him again. Our last hang out time was more than 2 weeks ago. And that one had been weird. I ended up leaving the place and we were both kind of pissy... me with him, him in general.


Putnawa said...

" with him, him in general."

Now I'm pissy again, dammit.

Has "kicky orange bandana" become a private joke?

Joanne said...

Not my responsibility you are pissy again. I just speak the truth. :)

And I don't know if it has, does it mean something to you?