Saturday, April 02, 2005

Raven... also known as the trickster. :)

Now ordinarily, I am not a person who pulls pranks. I have 3 reasons for this:
1 - I do not like them pulled on me and with that whole do unto others thing, I don't pull them.
2 - While I'm smart, I'm not evilly clever enough to pull off tricks.
3 - I feel bad when I trick other people.

Imagine my evil glee when I actually came up with not 1 but 3 pranks for our recent April Fool's Day. The first prank, I ended up not doing. I was going to IM Michelle and tell her that I had gotten drunk and done something (or more accurately someone) that I shouldn't have. BUT I was so excited about idea number 3 that I couldn't do it. Idea number 2 was too subtle and it didn't work. Which is fine. In idea #2 I was wearing on my left hand a shiny silver diamond ring. I kept trying to flash it the way newly engaged chicks do, you know making sure to use it to touch my hair or holding papers a certain way. No one noticed. :S Or if they did, they didn't comment. Trick #3 you are all aware of. I wrote, it and thanks to the brilliant editing of Michelle, it came out really well. It was the most cleverest (yes I'm using 'most' with the superlative which is completely grammatically incorrect but really that's the best way to describe it...) It was the MOST CLEVEREST idea I've ever had. And at least 3 of you bought it. Now I know from Michelle KTP IMd her and asked if it was a hoax or not. I appreciate KTP's comment even though she knew at that point that it was a hoax. (And I'm glad that KTP knew it because I felt kind of bad that I tricked her.) The very best part though... better than I could've imagined... Matty P's response. Tricking people I don't know very well, or really at all is one thing. Tricking someone I hang out with on a fairly regular basis? Priceless. I have to quote a tiny part of it here, because it is SO FABULOUS! "What the sweet holy fuck!?!?!?!! ... But I'm just stunned, because I never considered you as a "protests too much" kinda person... Did I say that already?" Now I fully realize I'm gloating. And I should feel bad about that. But I don't. Because really, I'll never get to pull a prank this perfectly again.


Peeved Michelle said...

It was AWESOME. Glorious.

Putnawa said...

You're going down.

And it's just wrong how much glee tricking me brings you. Wrong, I say.

Cindy-Lou said...

I'm proud of you!

Kate the Peon said...

PM declined to mention her involvement to me...ahem.

Stephen said...

It's pronounced EVEEEL :)

You rock, sweetie