Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Airplane

I know I've commented on this show before. I'm fairly fascinated by this show. The episode I'm watching right now has two situations... one of which is so freaking cool and the other so uncomfortable. On a flight (I came in midway through the show so I'm not sure why) there are 2 penguins. Just out. I'm sure that they have carriers but it was so cool to see them walking through the airplane and people were getting to pet them. I'm a little envious of those people. I've been fascinated with penguins since I was very little. Besides the visiting the Great Wall of China dream, I would like to go to the Galapagos Islands in South America and see the penguins. The uncomfortable situation deals with a man wearing a 'kilt' (doesn't look like any kilt I've ever seen and I've seen a few). Other passengers are complaining that he is going commando under the kilt and they've seen evidence of this. This poor supervisor had to talk with him about what he's wearing and then try to tell (surreptitiously) if this is the case. Now she has to track him down in the airport to tell him that he has to put on pants or something else. I may complain about my job, but damn... I've never had to tell a guy that he needs to be wearing panties if he wants to come into my office. :) Ok it got worse for the poor woman. She found the guy and he was wearing that 'I know I'm making a scene' grin and continued to make her uncomfortable. Then he went off on how he was being harrassed and his rights were being trampled on and threatened litigation. (Sigh, I hate how everyone sues everyone. As much of a flaming liberal as I am, I am such a proponent of tort reform.) Seriously, this was like a black miniskirt. When he first stood up I thought of how girls will wear the extra large t-shirts to bed that just barely cover our asses (ok and some girls who wear skirts like that now)... that's not a kilt. A kilt I could see taking slight umbrage over, but not a micro-mini.

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