Sunday, April 03, 2005

A few things before bed...

My mom's pope died today. I'm sure you all knew that. I'm sure you didn't all know that technically I'm Catholic. Last night she IM'd me about him being sick but that she thought he was going to get better. Me, being the bitch that I am, replied with something like once the kidneys fail, it's a pretty safe bet the rest is going. So she replied with something about being like Schindler and where there's life there's hope. It didn't dawn on me that she was referring to the Schaivo case (which I'll continue to refrain from discussing with her or anyone besides Michelle actually). I forgot that's what the parents were named, so in my mind, I'm thinking what does the movie Schindler's list have to do with anything... Luckily I didn't say that to her because that might've sent her over an edge. I didn't reply to that at all. It's funny, growing up, we celebrated random Catholic traditions. She's big on saints. We call to St. Anthony all the time to help her find stuff. (We being she actually). We never ate meat on Fridays during lent, although we didn't actually have to give up something for lent like most Catholics do. We (my little sister & I) were never confirmed. I've never been to confession. Yet when my older sister died, my mom fought like a maniac with Satan (my heinous ex-brother in law for you newbies, not the real guy... although he could be) to get my sister's body released to her so that she could bury it. Satan was going to cremate and scatter ashes. My mom couldn't cope with that. As a pre-Vatican 2 (?) Catholic, she couldn't get over that basic tenet that says thou shalt not cremate. She won, and spent her own money to ship the body, and bury my sister. I know it isn't what my sister would've wanted, but she's dead... it isn't like she can care anymore. That's actually my view on the whole thing too. Take whatever organs you can use (although with an autoimmune disease, that may not be too many - they won't let me donate bone marrow) then do whatever. It isn't like I'll know what happened. V & I discussed his funeral semi-recently (a couple months ago). He wants carnations and music by the Smiths. Carnations. But no baby's breath... which I guess is a good thing. God damn... how did this part get so melancholy?

Despite previous reports, I did NOT have a date tonight. ;) I'm now watching Green Day's VH1 Storytellers. The more I hear American Idiot, the more I'm liking it. Strangely enough, American Idiot (the song) is not my favorite on the CD. I'm partial to Are we the waiting, Holiday and Boulevard of Broken Dreams. I'm also liking them. I've never seen too many interviews with them, but they are funny on this show.

The cell phone may have taken over my world. It has an allure. This is why I've avoided it too long... Secretly I fear I'll succumb to its charms and it will own me. :) I haven't actually made a phone call on it or anything silly like that. :) I've just put numbers into its little phone book. I'm too enchanted by it.

Matty P and I are going to brunch tomorrow, at some restaurant he knows. We were supposed to fly a kite too, but I double booked and I actually have the Brownie swim party tomorrow. Also, apparently somewhere along the way kites became a weird thing. I couldn't find any today at Fred Meyer. (Which failed me! on several levels!)

I ate at my Gluten Free restaurant, Kaili's Kitchen, for lunch today. It was so good! I had mozzarella sticks! I haven't had those since college.

I found out from coworker that workcrush is in a band. This allows for a whole new stalking method. I can now google his name and the instrument he plays and find the band website. (Which I totally did.) Is it crossing a line to attend a function where he is playing? :)


Peeved Michelle said...

It is so not crossing a line.

Mishka said...

Definitely not crossing the line, but be prepared, if he sees you and recognizes you from work, that he might ask you your opinion of the band....

Putnawa said...

And if you tell him you don't like it you're not going to get laid.

I still wish his band was called "Pulling Cable".

Stephen said...

Pulling Cable?
I thought it was spelled "Laying Pipe"

It's only crossing the line if you get your face caught in the end of his trumpet...and no, that isn't a euphemism for something else... or maybe it can be! :)