Friday, April 15, 2005

Sonofabitch part 2

Dammit! I thought I couldn't die on my video game. When I play the action/adventure/kill monsters type, I save often. Since I figured I can't die in this one because it is a solve the puzzle, figure out the solution type. (Think Myst). I was wrong. I died. And I have just spent the last like 2 hours figuring shit out. Of course, now I know it all, so it won't take as long, but still...


Stephen said...

Cheat code?

I don't use them unless I have lost enjoyment, and then simply to move forward in the game.

Most people have some kind of fetish about playing without assistance, but I don't play with a blindfold just to prove my superior skills. Why should I play without cheating? :)

Note: I don't cheat until I am literally on the verge of never playing it again, and then cheat just enough to finish quickly and never play it again.

hmmm... now that you mention it, the last game I played was a year or two ago.

Joanne said...

Not cheating, I figured that since this was a puzzle game I wouldn't die. There were no demons to jump out and kill me. Apparently when the piece of paper said, "the curse is real" I should've taken that seriously and not touched the book next to it. Then I died. :(