Sunday, April 17, 2005

Oh holy crap.

I was just watching the Incredibles again, which is so not the point of this story. But as it finished, I stopped the DVD and on channel I was watching was this guy I recognized. He was being interviewed and it only said filmmaker under him. It didn't give his name, which I can't for the life of me remember but we worked together at the library in college. So now I'm intrigued and I'm assuming I'm watching one of those HBO shows where they talk about how a movie is made. Well, I was, but not quite the movie I would've considered. Turns out the show on HBO was Real Sex. And the type of film maker he was, porn. But not just your nice normal girl on girl or girl on boy or boy on girl on girl. No. His was balloon popping porn. Apparently this was for the Amateur Porn Film Festival which is held in of all places, Boston. The festival does not have its own website so I can't find out who he is or provide y'all with a link. I remember his first name was Mike. And he always looked a little like Homer Simpson. He seems to enjoy watching girls blow up balloons until they pop. It is so wrong that I know this.

Oh and good golly how many porn hits am I going to get off of this post?!


Stephen said... "Joanne blows Homer Simpson"

Anyhoo, I've only watched that show a few times, and I'm not a prude, but I'm thankful the person who forced me to watch it is long gone :)

I think the production value is actually really high for RS, along with everything else on HBO.

On the other hand... ultimately all I remembered were the RS freak shows and the educational value was few and far between.

I'm plenty educated - thank you very much. Now bring your teacher an apple.

Stephen said...

Hey Michelle et al,

Suggestions for stuff to do in LA and San Francisco? And no, not Disneyland for criminey sake!

I'm not a tourist in the world - I'm a resident...

Specifically, obscure restaurants, parks, and clubs :)

Peeved Michelle said...

Balloon popping porn? You should email Janel and tell her what he is up to. She probably remembers him.

Stephen, I am totally the wrong person for that. I am so boring. I'll post your request on the peeves blog and you can check there for answers.

Cindy-Lou said...

How exactly is that hot? I don't get it.

Ian said...

Ok, I've heard of some wierd-ass feishes in my time but what the...?

Ian said...

I meant fetishes, not fishes...