Friday, April 15, 2005

Apprentice 3

Also, if you are a watcher of the Apprentice 3, I like the fact that the fired candidate cried this epi. Yes, he or she was not the greatest candidate ever (I'm trying to be as vague as possible because I know Matty Patty hasn't watched the epi yet, although I like to be spoiled, I respect others' right not to be). Yes she or he was probably not going to be in the final 2. I know that if I were ever on that show, I would totally cry and I kind of like the fact that the Donald was so nice to him or her. He might be human after all. HOWEVER, I don't love that NBC made the boardroom to be this yoooge drama in their teasers and promos. It so wasn't. I was expecting something far more dramatic!


Ian said...

You're Fired!

Mishka said...

So was I, I thought the person getting fired threw a tantrum or would pull out some blackmail photos....haha.