Saturday, April 30, 2005

mmm good

I just had some great steak tacos! Home made by moi of course! :) After my CPR class ended this morning, I noticed my taco place was open, but I figured that 10:20 was a little early for tacos! I thought about it though. :) I've been on a serious red meat kick lately. I don't know what's causing it, but whenever I think about cooking a meal, red meat is all I can think of. It has taken over my mind! :)

I finally got to bake the chocolate chip cookies I've been craving last night. I am a wee disappointed in the outcome. They're much crispier than I prefer. Also they have a slightly odder taste than usual. Instead of just using only rice flour, like I usually do, I used half rice flour and half tapioca flour. I also added walnuts.

Here's a pic of my baby sister from the weekend she came out to visit. She's cute, no? We tried to take those pictures where one of us holds the camera at arms length while we huddle together. Didn't work so well. The 2 of me turned out so glaringly hideous that I dare not post them because seriously... magnified every flaw I have.

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Stephen said...

It takes a lot of practice to pull off the one-handed shot.

I've got about 9000 pictures from the last few years, and I would say a solid 87% of them are cropped at my right ear :P

I've actually gotten really good at the one handed face shot. I'm trying to improve my skills of the camera shot with my arm and hand at my side [the hidden snapshot] ;)

Thanks for the cookie reminder - I'll make some toffee chips this weekend.

Congrats on your CPR class, hon!

And yes, your sister is quite the cutie - especially the sorbet orange shirt! yummies :P