Tuesday, April 19, 2005

This isn't my night... :(

I had initially decided I wanted to make brownies tonight. But I didn't have the requisite 4 eggs for the mix. So I thought I'd make chocolate chip cookies. I cream the brown sugar and white sugar and the shortening. I break open 1 egg, it's fine. I break open egg 2. It is green inside. It doesn't stink so I'm not sure if it is rotten or not. I should clarify it wasn't like forest green or really obnoxiously green, but the white was tinged kind of green like curry color - you know if you pour curry into a white bowl and it leaves this weird chartreuse color. So I'm not 100% convinced that the egg is bad. (Ok I really REALLY wanted chocolate chip cookies tonight). So I go online and can't find anything and decide to call my dad (he lived on a chicken farm a way back when). As I'm stepping away from the sofa, my toes get tangled in the phone cord attached to the laptop. Luckily, I didn't yank the laptop off the sofa, HOWEVER I did rip the phone cord completely out of the computer, leaving the end of the cord in the computer. Luckily I got it out with pliers and I'm using my phone cord from the phone to log in tonight. Anyway, my father confirms my fear... that even though it doesn't SMELL rotten, probably isn't a good idea to cook with it. Obviously it's a sign from somebody... Instead I'll have this nice pseudo healthy raspberry sorbet.


Peeved Michelle said...

Why didn't you just go to the store. I KNOW it isn't that far, plus wasn't it after some weird, late night trek to the store taht you met Alex? You never know, lightning could strike twice.

Joanne said...

I did not go to the store for 2 reasons.
1 - I was already in jammies.
2 - Veronica Mars had just started. Unfortunately, TV takes precedence over meeting a new girl I mean... boyfriend. :)

Jodie said...

My mom buys fresh eggs from a woman who keeps Araucana chickens. And the eggs are greenish (and yes, it looks really, really weird). Although it seems unlikely you'd be getting specialty eggs without knowing it. :) So probably best that you didn't use 'em.