Monday, December 20, 2004


I hate to do chores, as is obvious by my constant discussion of how much I hate to do dishes. I realized part of the reason why is because we don't seem to have cooler water from the taps. I am always scalding my hands. I move the little water spigot handle thing closer to me to be colder, no dice. It is always too hot. The other chore I hate to do is the recycling. I think it is because doing the recycling always involves an active role. In taking out the trash, I just take the bag, tie it up and run it downstairs. The recycling always involves more. I have to flatten whatever boxes. I have to wash out cans and jars (ok this actually gets done as I use the can or jar or else that can or jar just gets chucked, they're too hard to wash out later on). Coke cans I think I'm supposed to crush, but I don't. I'm sure one of these days there'll be a nasty note from the trash nazi lady. Soda bottles have to be washed out. It is a lot of extra work! Last night I took out the recycling for the first time in a LONG time. I had 3 plastic bags of plastic bags and like 4 paper bags of crushed cardboard. I felt like one of those dads trying to hook it all on my fingers so I only had to make one trip. Then there was someone in the elevator. I felt compelled to explain why I had 52 bags of paper and plastic. So now I have 52 bags of trash and I'm explaining it to this kid who lives upstairs as if he cares, and as if I care what he thinks. It was kinda ridiculous.

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Peeved Michelle said...

I so do not do all that work for the recycling. Done with the soda? Chuck it in the bag. Cardboard box from Amazon? They are lucky if I take out the plastic air bubble thing.