Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Stuffing big things into little things

Today I finally took down my Christmas tree so that I could have my craft table back. I have no idea how the original company managed to stuff that tree into the teeny tiny box. I can't ever get it back into the box without having a weird bulge in the middle. It is like when we were at Girl Scout Camp. These campers would come in with these sleeping bags that had to get stuffed back into these little bags. It would be Saturday morning, and parents would be pulling up and we'd have this little girl in hysterics " f..fa...fath...father w..will be soooo so so mad if I can't get it baaaack innnn!!!" So Joanne and Michelle and all the other counselors would spend their morning trying to shove something very big into a fairly small hole. (Luckily I have had some experience with that... ;) ) (And I've just scandalized my little sister hee) After about the 1st week of camp we would be so used to the process that we could get them all done before breakfast. Random side note - if you have daughters (Timmy! and Katie) and you send them to summer camp and they come home with their hair braided - they haven't showered since at least the day before you picked them up and quite possibly since long before that. That was our trick, it was already difficult to get the girls to shower and they'd wash their hair but who knows if they did a good job or not so on Saturday morning all the little girls would get their hair braided by counselor Joanne or counselor Janel or anyone else to hide the fact that their hair was kind of icky and messy. I have had camp on my mind a lot lately. I was sitting here on the sofa yesterday and a random camp song came into my head. I think I just want to go to camp and not have to work a real job. :)

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Peeved Michelle said...

Ah, yes. Greg. I haven't seen one like it since.