Tuesday, August 23, 2005

2 ferrets 4 sale... cheap!

Ok maybe I'm just kidding about that... MAYBE. :) Since it is all my fault, I shouldn't try to sell off Tess. I had just set a fairly new can of soda on the bookshelf next to me. I knew Tess was checking it out. I knew I should've actually paid attention to what she was doing. She does, after all, regularly knock plants off the radiator cover. But did I? No. Why? Apparently because I'm an idiot. She knocked the can of soda off the bookshelf. Upside down. Onto a pile of things by the bookshelf. So now I have soda all over the floor, under the sofa, all over this bucket of little things, all over some pony beads from a Girl Scout project. And better, they decided to help me clean it up. Good golly. Silly brats. :)

I am done with the Elysian Brewery. Matty & I went there for dinner. This is my 3rd time trying them. Once, long ago, Michelle and her friend Rona and I tried it. It was only eh. Matty & I have been there twice now and I've always been unimpressed. I'm sure it is good for other people, but I don't think it is good. I tried the tostadas this time. The blue corn tortilla was not as good as I know they can be. (Not there, but I know blue corn tortillas are good in general.)

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Peeved Michelle said...

I don't have fond memories of that place but mostly due to how awkward the conversation was at lunch. Probably didn't help that Rona opened with a rude comment about my hair.