Tuesday, August 02, 2005

It's a racearoundtheworld!

Thanks to Game Show Network, I've been catching up on episodes of The Amazing Race. I'll admit it, I only started watching this season. And only because Rob & Amber were on it. And not because I liked them but because I wanted to see them lose. AND Veronica Mars was in hiatus otherwise I wouldn't have started. But now I get why people love this show. There's something very innately cool about it. The challenges and the roadblocks and all the fabulous places they get to see. I would never be able to do this show. I would spend so much time stopping to smell the flowers or touch the plants or interact with the children or ... or... or... we'd be eliminated first thing. I'd be like Tess & Rigby, the attention span of a gnat.

Unfortunately my horoscope was incorrect. I did not get hit on by Mr. Right. I didn't even get hit on by Ms. Rightnow. I went to a block party on Cap Hill in my coworker's neighborhood. Firemen, cops it was supposed to be a cool thing, right? Not so much. There were 2 hottie firemen who had to leave with their truck to go to a fire. There was like a cop auxiliary person, but that was about it. There were also a lot of small children and families. As fun as it was to see the little kids and play with them, not really conducive to my situation.

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