Thursday, August 04, 2005

Another nap

Sigh. Another 2 hour nap was just taken. The problem is that my livingroom is unbearably hot because it gets the afternoon sun. So I boil in the livingroom. Instead I go into my bedroom and read. Which is how I end up dozing off.

I think that all those couples who go on The Amazing Race to 'test their relationship' are idiots. Especially if they've been having problems, like somehow this is going to prove to them that they belong together when usually it doesn't.


Mishka said...

I think people who purposely test their relationship on that show are idiots because traveling in itself is stressful and causes many to fight, now throw in the race and national TV aspect and you are looking for trouble when trouble is not what you need.

Putnawa said...

I agree with Mishka.

Maybe you should read at the library. It's air-conditioned, and then you wouldn't fall asleep.

Stop taking naps, though, because it makes me sleepy.