Monday, August 01, 2005

Maundy Monday

Today is gray and gloomy outside. I love it! I would love it even more if it rained. The city stinks when summer hits. As I was walking on Friday from the Library to the Group Health clinic in the mall (so weird to me) then on to the movie theater at Pacific Place, the stench of urine was strong everywhere. The rain would help wash all that away (at least briefly).

My achilles tendon is not healing. It still hurts. It is still swollen. In a month if it isn't better my doc wants to talk about immobilizing it. I'm kind of against that because it will make my walk to work more difficult. I am still not supposed to excessively walk. I have taken steps to reduce my walking. I hit the grocery store on the way home instead of a special trip on Saturday and most sadly I have completely given up on Sunday adventures. Do you know what this means I do on Sundays?! DO YOU!? I sit at home and usually take a long Sunday afternoon nap which screws me up for Sunday night sleeping. I seriously did contemplate cleaning. I even bought the necessary accoutrements (more trashbags and papertowels, I only had 1 trash bag left and I have a lot of recycling to take down to the bins) to start but then it was too hot. I know that some of you are suffering through 40,000 degree heat and humidity so I shouldn't complain, but I'm going to anyway. Because I don't have ac. I have 2 fans that work currently. They are on 24/7 which I'm sure is bad for something. (including their little motors). (which could be why the other 2 fans don't work actually).

I really do have to clean, because I've discovered Tess & Rigby are chewers. I kinda knew it with Rigby because she kept eating styrofoam (despite my best efforts to eliminate all styrofoam from my house). But Rigby came into the livingroom twice this weekend carrying a battery (2 different batteries, I threw it away each time I took one from her). I think she found them in the bottom of my backpack, or in the camera case. Either way, that's the last thing I want her chewing on. Tess chews on cardboard. All of this would be very bad for their digestive systems. So, since I'm apparently unable to be clean for my own sake, I need to be cleaner for their sakes.

I saw that dog movie this weekend. Must love dogs. I liked it. It was fairly cute. It had John Cusack so it was an automatic that I'd love it. I had a couple of issues. 1 - How could preschool teacher and former wife of a fire fighter Diane Lane afford the beautiful house she had, IN CALIFORNIA? I know firemen make pretty good money but they were divorced and I don't know that they make THAT big salaries. This house was seriously beautiful and big and on a big lot. 2 - If the John Cusack character never sold one of his boats, what the hell did he do for money for his day job?

There is a new singles site that I'm thinking of joining, although I'm pretty sure it would be a fruitless effort. It is for celiacs (my wheat free condition). It is new, but I just did a search and they have no males between the ages of 29 - 40. Never a good sign. :) I would, however, actually pay money on that site if for no other reason than to keep it going for other people. The website, because someone asked, is

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Joanne - would you mind sharing the site? I have a friend who would be interested...