Thursday, August 25, 2005

Yay camping!

Yay! We're leaving for camping tomorrow after work. I'm kind of excited. I don't have an overwhelming quantity of friends here to do stuff with, so this will be good. And I'm going with girls! No gay men allowed. We're hoping for good weather, although the forecast looks iffy. The top of my tent is open if I don't put the rain fly on and I'm hoping I can keep it open and don't have to put the fly on. It would be so nice to be able to lie under the stars, but still be protected from mosquitos. :) We're taking two tents, even though the girls keep laughing at me. Apparently I'm going to be the only one in my tent. They're both 4 man tents and really, 4 people is cozier than I would like to be in a tent. Hell, 2 people in my queen size bed is more cozy than I like to be. :) My coworker's roommate just came by and picked up all my crap. I knew there were 4 of us in the not so huge car (Camry sized) so I was trying to be cautious, but I still think we may have too much stuff for the car.

Poor newlynonvirgin coworker. I warned her. If you're going to have sex, you should make sure you can have a steady supply because after that first time or two you're going to want it a lot. It'll be all you can think about. Today she was saying it is all she can think about. I'm kind of amused. Now she's all curious about various things and wants to check stuff out. Poor girl, though. She is so the boy in this 'relationship.' She just wants to have sex, and he's a serial monogomist. Who ever heard of this in a boy? So weird. She thought he was a player and huge flirt and all that. He isn't. AND he knows she was a virgin. He swears he understands it was a 'right time/right place' thing, but I have to agree with Matty and say he hears it but doesn't believe it. She's in trouble. :)

The new Burger King commercials scare me. The ones with the guys dressed up like chickens in the band. Those are like nightmare furries or something. (hmm how many hits am I going to get off that reference...)

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Putnawa said...

Search engine-wise, you're screwed.

What's-her-name is screwed in two ways now, too. I should have a talk with that girl.