Sunday, August 07, 2005

Another day of decadence

Today was another day in the weekend of Joanne. I went to lunch with MP. Had chicken and fries. The chicken was yummy as always. I also picked up cinnamon rolls and cupcakes. The cupcakes are to die for. I swear when I get married I'm so having that place provide the food. It is too yummy not to.

Did some more shopping. Drove up Queen Anne hill and had coffee. I think I want to like Italian Sodas, but so far, not so much. I think I am not fond of the cremes.

I had a cupcake after getting home. Delish!


Putnawa said...

Why do I get the feeling it's up to me to remember you want your Italian sodas without cream and whipped cream?

Peeved Michelle said...

Is it really an Italian soda if it doesn't have cream? I thought that was the point of the thing.