Thursday, August 18, 2005

Somewhere I belong

Michelle sent me this link today that is supposed to help you find the place you really really should live. The number one spot I should live in? Danbury Connecticut. Also I'm apparently good for places like Oregon. (Dammit I'm more dirty hippie than I thought!) Here's the whole list:
Danbury, Connecticut
Eugene, Oregon
Corvallis, Oregon
Hartford, Connecticut
Williamstown, Massachusetts
Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts
Medford, Oregon
Worcester, Massachusetts
Johnson, Vermont
Salem, Oregon
Middlebury, Vermont
Providence, Rhode Island
Northampton, Massachusetts
Burlington, Vermont
New Haven, Connecticut
Amherst, Massachusetts
Bend, Oregon
Brattleboro, Vermont
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Portland, Oregon
Andover, Massachusetts
Astoria, Oregon
Woodstock, Vermont
Sheboygan, Wisconsin


Peeved Michelle said...


Putnawa said...

Corvallis, OR: I get really drunk there, but never have a hangover.

Harford, CT: Nice town.

Worcester, MA: Great little burg. I'd love to live there! (If I couldn't afford Cambridge, and had to live in Boston, that is.)

Burlington, VT: Beautiful place.

New Haven, CT: Also very picturesque.

Portland, OR: We should plan a train trip down there some weekend.

Stephen said...

Portland, Oregon City of Roses
Hartford, Connecticut The Insurance Capital
Providence, Rhode Island New England’s Best Kept Kept Secret
Boston, Massachusetts America’s Walking City
Eugene, Oregon The Emerald City
New Haven, Connecticut Home of Yale University
Corvallis, Oregon Heart of the Willamette Valley
Salem, Oregon The Heart of Oregon
Little Rock, Arkansas Where America Comes Together
San Francisco, California The Golden Gate City

San Fran was in last place, beat by Little Rock!!!
Seattle was nowhere to be found, but at least Portland was in 1st :)

Putnawa said...

Hartford, CT
Providence, RI
Portland, OR
Boston, MA
New Haven, CT
Worcester, MA
Danbury, CT
Eugene, OR
Corvallis, OR
Cape Cod, MA
Santa Fe, NM
Albuquerque, NM
Salem, OR
Medford, OR
Baltimore, MD
Reno, NV
Las Vegas, NV
LIttle Rock, AR
Bend, OR
Washington, D.C.
Carson City, NV
Honolulu, HI
Stamford-Norwalk, CT
Sacramento, CA

Portland is nice placed, and I'm happy to see Boston.

Nevada is out. Period. And, for that matter, so are Baltimore and D.C.

But the presence of Honolulu on this list pleases me no end, for reasons related to my Super-Secret Crush.

Peeved Michelle said...

Surprisingly, no California cities are on the list. I really do like it here.

Norfolk, Virginia
Chesapeake-Virginia Beach, Virginia
Seattle, Washington
Charlotte, North Carolina
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Nashville, Tennessee
Atlanta, Georgia
Knoxville, Tennessee
Louisville, Kentucky
Richmond, Virginia
Bergen-Passaic, New Jersey
Lexington, Kentucky
Memphis, Tennessee
Hampton, Virginia
Greenville, North Carolina
Rocky Mount-Stony Creek, North Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina
Jacksonville, Florida
Tampa, Florida
Orlando, Florida
Birmingham, Alabama
Houston, Texas
Dallas, Texas
Olympia, Washington

Putnawa said...

Funny how you're the only one of the three of us with WA, and specifically Seattle, results, as the three of us live here now.

(and clearly I'll be blessed with Joanne's company forever if I stick to my list!)

Joanne said...

Which is of course as it should be.

I've wanted to go to Portland for awhile and it was hypothetically something I was going to do this summer, although now it is looking more like a fall trip.

gonebabygone said...

damn! those are all very nice nieghborhoods. Well except providence and worscter. Providence is a nice college town on the good side.

Mishka said...

Mine had me mostly in Oregon which is great since that is where I am from and will eventually end up again....