Saturday, August 13, 2005

Quest for the Perseid

Yesterday I had this brilliant idea that I wanted to get out of Seattle and watch the Perseid meteor shower. When I was younger I was kind of a space geek and at one point even wanted to be an astronaut. I had been trying to decide to go either early early AM or late night. At midnight when I was still awake and not really feeling signs of sleepiness my mind was made up. I check out a flexcar at 12:30 and head out east on the 90 (towards Bellevue) to try to find a good spot for viewing the shower. Unfortunately my quest was a total failure. :) I attribute this to 3 reasons.

1 - I didn't have a plan so I didn't really have a good place to go. I just drove out the freeway and pulled off about 3 different areas to try to view the stars. There was a great view of the stars, the sky was dark and I could see them very clearly. But...

2 - The different spots I chose had too much tree cover. There was quite a bit of space between the trees, but mostly straight up. I had no way of looking around the sky. When my family and I used to go out to veiw the meteor shower when I was little it was never a problem. Of course we lived in Arizona and we had wide open skies. I had just taken it for granted that I'd find that again. Not so much.

But I think the biggest reason I failed was:
3 - I'm a big scardey cat. I went out by myself. I normally have no qualms about going out by myself. I know that all those stories are just myths and legends, there'll be no hook on my car door, there won't be a guy in my back seat going to kill me, no deranged axe murderers live within the trees. But once I was actually standing out there by myself under the black night and barely able to even see the car, my imagination just got the better of me so I would get scared and hop back into the car. :)

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Chicken said...

Your other mistake was going towards Bellevue. Nothing good can ever come from that place.