Friday, August 05, 2005

Such an easy mark

I was walking home earlier today and there were these 2 young men selling candy bars on the street corner for their football team. Because the Brownies and I stand out on street corners selling cookies for hours on end, I feel a strange compulsion when I'm approached by children bearing candy for their causes. If it is something I can consume, I'll buy some. Actually even if it isn't, I buy it and bring it to work. I know how hard it is to be out there in whatever the elements are trying to get somebody, anybody to buy your crap. So I pull out a 10 and ask for Snickers and one little scammer says, and what's the other kind you want? The other helpfully adds, 2 for 10 bucks. So I hand over my 10 and walk away with 2 packages of snickers. They were selling their candy for their football team. One was a running back and the other wide receiver. I don't know what that means, but I'm going to ask these types of questions when I buy candy from kids. I ask the campfire kids what they're saving money for. I ask the band kids what they play. Etc. So I go in and buy the groceries and come out and head upstairs. And there's a young man with his AIDS Walk sign up. He gives me a spiel about how he's doing the walk to fulfill his community service requirement to graduate from high school. So I pull out the 10 bucks I had gotten out at the grocery store to buy flowers down at the market on Saturday and hand it over. What's a gal to do?


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Cindy-Lou said...

Dude, I'm a huge sucker too.

Mishka said...

Me too...I buy lunch for the guy with a "will work for food" sign outside of Taco Bell everytime.

I don't usually get too many "strangers" trying to get me to do the various "school sales" but my neices and nephews make up for that in spades.