Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Learn something new everyday

Who says TV isn't educational? Yesterday while watching The Amazing Race, I learned that Mumbai and Bombay are the same city. Today while researching why that is, I learned that the Indian government is reverting the city names back to their original names and that Calcutta and Madras are no longer the names of the cities either. Very interesting stuff I think.

This morning I was in the shower and Rigby was putzing around the bathroom floor. The door to the bathroom doesn't shut well and they can usually knock it open if they try, unless I lock it and since I live alone, why bother with that? The only reason I try to shut the door is that I don't like all the cold air coming in from the rest of the apartment and to try to stave off shower curtain billowing. Anyway, she was climbing around the trash can and ends up sitting on the edge of the tub. You know how the corners of the tub are bigger and people balance like soap and shampoo and all that there? That's where she was. She knocked off the shampoo & conditioner. So then she starts walking down the side of the tub and I figure let's see what happens here. My tub is very rounded, unlike the very square one I had growing up. She slides off it onto the bathroom floor. Now I figure she'll be smart enough to not try this again, right? Wrong. About 45 seconds later she is on the corner of the tub again and then... bam into the tub. Hee. Since I was almost done with my shower, there was some water built up on the floor of the tub so Rig was standing in water. And she kind of wandered around for a few minutes until I think the wetness started to really permeate to her skin through her thick fur. Then she started jumping against the side of the tub to get out. I took pity on her and picked her up and grabbed my towel and dried her off a bit before dropping her on the floor where she proceeded to groom the heck out of her legs and tummy and tail. And then I was able to finish my shower. :) Silly Rigby.

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