Monday, August 08, 2005

Volunteer embargo over

So today, in a fit of volunteerism that violates The Summer of Joanne AND my own personal decision to not volunteer for the gays, I volunteered at Matty's work at the film festival. And apparently I'll be going back there on a semi-regular basis for some time to help clean up the data on the members and enter new member info into a spreadsheet on an Apple. I point THAT out because it's been long while since I've actually used an Apple and I'm having a bit of a difficult time remembering how to do shit because although it is similar to windows, it is just enough different to make me work a little harder. Plus the mouse doesn't have a right click (what kind of mouse doesn't have a right click?) or a little wheel to make scrolling easy. Something's off about the desk set up and I can't figure out what it is... One would think it is a left handed thing, but since I do some things like a righty that's not it. (I operate the mouse with my right hand which leaves the left open to write and stuff like that).

My eyes are tired today, I'm hoping to shower and head to bed early. (After tonight's rerun of The Amazing Race that is)


Putnawa said...

And Matty is infinitely grateful and owes you a big, fat favor for helping out. (The more you help out the more likely I'll be able to get you a super-duper film festival pass, and the more faggoty/dykey/tranny-y films you can see come October. Try not to swoon.)

Kate the Peon said...

Why don't you volunteer for gays?

Joanne said...

I do not volunteer for the gays for multiple reasons...
1 - I think that more of them should volunteer within their own community, and many don't so if they aren't willing to help their community out why should I? (I know there's a flaw in this logic, but that's how I feel.)

2 - If I'm using volunteering for causes I care about as a means to meet people (translate that to boys), volunteering for the gays does nothing for me because straight men rarely volunteer for the gays.

3 - I spend enough goddamn time with the gays, I would like to spend time with straight people too.

4 - I do make periodic exceptions to this rule. Matty being one. And last year I was a route person for the AIDS Walk. I really enjoyed it. I'd consider doing that again if I could stand the necessary hours. (and yes I'm well aware that AIDS is not only a gay disease. But lifelong who sponsors it is a fairly gay organization.)

Putnawa said...

1. I don't see the flaw in this logic.
2. The only straight men who volunteer for the gays are doing court-mandated community service.
3. You spend far too much time with the gays.
4a. Thank God I'm an exception.
4b. Lifelong is becoming less and less a "gay" organization as time goes by, which is really all for the best. But they're still a gay org until they stop doing Gay Bingo.