Friday, August 12, 2005

Fabulous morning!

Thus far this has been a great morning! 2 reasons...

1 - This horoscope: PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): The more aware you are of what everyone around you is doing, the better. A chance meeting with someone special can change your life. Love is present, so make the best of it. 5 stars

(Ok really I don't take too much stock in horoscopes, they amuse me and sometimes I'd LIKE to see them come true but I don't really expect them to, still it is a nice idea.)

2 - Coworker and the Italianguy (of the cult of the virgins) went to Indian food last night. Above the Flying Apron Bakery. After eating food, they went downstairs and bought me GF treats! They rule!

I don't think I shared this story of theItalianguy from earlier this week. Hmm... I need another moniker for newlynonvirgincoworker... Coworkerfriend I think will do. Coworkerfriend was in Vegas the early part of this week so othercoworker and I had lunch together 3 times. On Monday, I was microwaving some food in the little microwave vestebule in the student center when someone snuck up behind me and grabbed my arm. People who know me personally know how psychotically high strung I am, so I did what I always do when startled, I shrieked. TheItalianguy thought this was hysterical. He laughed and carried on. He's very loud and boisterous and as a result, a professor came over and shushed us. Which set Italianguy off. He's 20 (I believe) and a business student and full of that bravado that only a 20 year old male business student can have. He amuses me. Othercoworker, not so amused. He joined us for lunch and spouted much of his politics, which I either ignore or argue with him depending. After lunch othercoworker turned to me and said, "Never again. We are never eating with him again." Hee.

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Putnawa said...

Love is in the air!!