Friday, August 19, 2005


Last night was Matty's birthday celebration. At the lesbian bar* he usually works at. Matty's 30th birthday celebration. I had to go. Although when I was walking with friendcoworker after work yesterday I told her I didn't want to go and several times while I was walking to the bar I thought about chickening out, but I went. And it was not a bad time. I had a vanilla stoli & OJ and then noticed something even better on tap. Spire Mountain Pear Cider. I've got about 4 bottles of their apple cider in my fridge right now. I like it. So I had a cup of that too. (Yeah, because I never really drank beer in real bars, I really did ask for a 'cup of spire mountain cider.') I always joke with Matt that I don't know any of the other people he hangs out with. There seems to be method to this madness, though as Matty knows a lot of different types of people. V & the trannys were there (they usually play darts together on Thursday night) forming their own little clique. The lesbians and the bar regulars were there forming another little clique. And then there was me... a clique of 1. I know some people from both groups, but I am significantly uncomfortable in group settings where I won't know anyone or don't know anyone that well. They gave Matt a cake. It was hysterical. A penis shaped cake. Matty hacked right into it as if he were getting back at someone for past transgressions. :) At about 10 the party started to peter out as various folks left. We ended up being the last ones there, until about midnight. He continued on to go dancing and I headed for home. Not an awful time. I survived. I may even be willing to hang out there again with him sometime in the future, but don't tell him that. :)

* I am slowly losing my fear of gaggles of drunk lesbians as I spend more time with them. Apparently lesbians in lesbian bar (on non crowded nights, I still ain't going in there on a Friday night) are much more mellow than lesbians in a gay man's bar. (Which is where I've been manhandled by lesbians several times despite in one incident assuring the woman I'm straight. That didn't seem to faze her.) I'm well aware that the gays as a whole aren't out to convert all of us straights, but there are a distinct few who are. For at least 1 guy I know, it's a bizarre badge of honor he wears at how many 'straight' boys he's had. Plus I'm going into a lesbian bar, there's kind of an implication there.


Peeved Michelle said...

It's flattering whenever someone find you attractive. Just pick one who looks like a boy and do it already.

Putnawa said...

PM has a point. ;)

We actually get a lot of straight women in the bar because they like being able to go out without being manhandled by the drunken men. And very rarely do the women get so out of control that they start manhandling anyone.