Monday, August 22, 2005


I know I shouldn't complain. My parents buy me stuff sometimes when I ask for it. But would it kill them to once in a while buy stuff NEW?

Two years ago, my car was broken into parked and locked in the locked parking garage in my building. The tent I used to use when camping and carried around in beloved Bronco was stolen out of it. (Among other things. Also taken was some soda, apple sauce (I used to eat breakfast in the car on the way to the casino where I worked. You'd be amazed how easy apple sauce is to eat when driving but I digress from my digressing.) and a few other random things I carried around.) So I mention to my pop if he sees a tent on sale or for the next gift giving holiday I could use a new one. Eventually my pop sent me a tent he bought at a yard sale. (This may be why I ask for gift cards from them. Guarantee a non-used item. I'm not above used items, but within reason. I asked for a sleeping bag from them many years ago and they sent me my father's old one. Yes it is sentimental and we had good times in it, but the inside flannel is worn through etc and it is probably over 20 years old now...) So tonight, I figured I would set up the tent in anticipation of going camping this weekend with the girls. I wanted to be sure I could do it and that all the parts were there. They are more or less. There are 4 tent poles. At least they're in pairs and it isn't 4 completely different tent poles. This tent uses only 2 poles and one short pole for the rain fly. No rainfly tent pole at all. Sigh. But I was able to put it up. All by myself. It smells old and musty. If I had a back yard I could leave it outside all day to air out, but I'd rather not do that here. I don't think it'd get stolen, but one never knows.

All the little parts neatly on the table.

Hmm. 2 sets of poles. 2 different lengths. Which to choose? I tried the slightly shorter black ones and they worked fine. I suspect the gray may work even better.

Here it is up! Loosely up but up! I kind of like the top that's all open. I may not put the rain fly on if I don't have to.

Here it is with the rainfly. I've just draped it over. There are hooks to tack it down.

What's wrong with these instructions? Ahh yes. It is for a different tent. A hexagonal tent, not the square tent mine is.


gonebabygone said...

yay! I love camping. I'm jealous. I haven't had time to go yet, this year. Maybe you could put it up in your living room just overnight to air it out a little. I did that once and it seemed to work. Just had to keep the kitties away from it.

Joanne said...

I don't have enough space in my living room. That's why I was out on the back 'patio' doing it.

Mishka said...

Oh my gosh, I think that is the first tent my husband and I ever bought....not the exact same one (we still have it) but the same brand/style. How funny.

We have three tents now, that one, a bigger one we got last summer that fits us and the cat, and our expensive 4 season tent for camping in cold and wind...we got it for Alaska a few years ago.

Mishka said...

Jo, how come your comments now require the little "type in the picture you see" thing and none of the other blogger comments do???? Have you seen that?

Mishka said...

Never mind, I just figured it out...