Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Dammit, I may have to change my views. I hate it when that happens. How can this be? Although as I learned from Dogma (great movie by the way) a belief is really hard to change so it is a good thing this was just a view and not a belief.

I went to a chiropractor today. Now ordinarily I am whole heartedly against chiropractors. (Sorry Freemindsprite) But I'm sick of being in pain and grumpy as hell and desperate for something to make it better so with that mindset, I go to a chiopractor. She's very nice, but a wee bit hippie. Here's the first lesson of hippies, they are not on time. It was 5:50 before I was seen for my 5:30 appointment. But that was okay because I was SWELTERING from walking up there so it was nice to cool down and not be a total ball of sweat. Chiropractic adjustment was an interesting experience. She went down my back and pushed different points looking for pain. She had me move all different ways. AND she did the scoliosis test. (Ha!)* Apparently I have good range of motion. So then I was starting to get worried because I have pain but nothing she's doing is making me have pain so is it all in my mind? But then she moved me a couple of different ways that totally confirmed it was not. So ok this part is actually useful because it seemed like she was accomplishing something and not like normal doctors. But here's where she lost me. She thinks it is definitely not a reinjury of my disc (which is fine I didn't actually figure it was). But it is a 'shadow' of the pain from then? What? Weird. Then she has me lay down and does all these different pushing things. She concentrated a lot on my pelvis because she was trying to 'rebalance' it. Again with the what? Mostly fine, though, except one spot that made me yelp because it was too much pressure on my chest. The worst part... I'm actually feeling better. Dammit! Although I'll know for certain when I try to get up in the morning. But, I can't be against chiropractors if she actually helped! AND I'm going back on Friday.

*I was having nervousness about going and could only remember seeing the chiropractors at the fair asking people to bend over and crap. I asked Michelle if they ask you do something like that and she didn't know. And then I said, or was that the scoliosis test in elementary school? And we both laughed. So when she had me bend over I asked her if that's what she was looking for, and it was!


Mind Sprite said...

I'm glad you went. Just keep an open mind and see how it goes, OK? I am the first to admit there are some quacks out there and if you are not feeling comfortable at any time, speak up. If they don't meet your needs, find somebody else. It's hard to say what she was doing from your description, but nothing sounded too out there. Just try it again and see if you feel better. I'm proud of you for trying something different. You might be pleasantly suprised!

Poppy Cede said...

Oh, no, not the disc injury. I am dealing with an L4/L5 (or, however that's written) herniated disc pinching on a nerve bundle. Nothing is working. Today I was walking after having a bit too much walking and stair climbing and suddenly both legs went cold and started tingling (lightly). Glad I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow.

I'm wishing you the best wishes I can wish you on a quick recovery!!!

Joanne said...

Mine's a fairly old disc injury... 11 years ago. It was the L3/L4 and pressing on the left sciatic nerve. Yours sounds more severe than mine was. I only had a problem with 1 leg. My Dr. wanted to do at least epidural shots, but no money for that, I was in college. I just took drugs for almost a year until it healed.