Friday, August 19, 2005

Fuzzy bunnies

Here's a couple pics of the kittens too.

Tess in the cage. She is littler than Rigby and has a black nose.

Rigby sleeping. And part of Tess's back. The rest of her body is hidden under a chair. For some reason she loves to sleep under the chair.

WWWW (World Wide Weasel Wrestling).


Ian said...

You seriously keep these things around the house...?

Peeved Michelle said...

Ha ha to Ian's comment.

The boy dog likes to sleep partially under the bed with just his backside hanging out.

gonebabygone said...

They are called kittens when they are little? That's cute!

Joanne said...

They're actually kits when they're babies. These 2 are about 3 so not babies anymore, but I got in the habit when I lived in California. They're illegal there so I always joked that I had rare European cats.

Yes, Ian they hang out in the house. :) The other ones actually slept in my bed. These 2 don't yet. I don't know that they are 100% sure of me yet since they had been in a shelter for over a year.

gonebabygone said...

They are illegal here too.

When I was living at college, there was a girl who had hamsters which weren't allowed so we just called them japanese fuzzy fish.