Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Volunteer moratorium over

But first to round out yesterday's post. I feel pretty darn good today. There was a little bit of twinging this morning but nothing like it had been earlier in the week (or even yesterday). Dammit that means the chiropractor actually helped! :) Hence, I told MP I'd publicly admit that I was wrong so here it is. I was wrong. Chiropractors are not all quacks and schysters as I have previously believed. There may be something after all to rock and twig medicine. And she was nice. So I'll go back. So there you go.

Since my volunteer moratorium was only technically for the summer (and I've already violated it multiple times) and the summer is almost over, I've gone ahead and started signing up for volunteer opportunities for the fall. The first up (besides starting my Girl Scout meetings again) will be the Oktoberfest in Fremont. I regularly volunteer for the spring brewfest that supports the Northwest Folklife Fest (another thing I volunteer for) and decided to give this one a go. The spring brewfest is pretty fun so I'm hoping this one will be too. If it isn't, no harm, I just won't volunteer again. :) I'm also considering picking up assistant duties with another Girl Scout troop. Not that I would be their leader but there's so many kids they need helpers. It's for kids in foster care so how could I pass that up? I have to think on this one a little longer, though. To be sure I want to do it, because I definitely wouldn't want to start and then have to back out.

Oh and as a last little tag on... spent like 15 - 20 min chatting with WC again. I think he is completely oblivious to my obvious lust for him but I can keep lusting. And as Michelle pointed out to me, even if nothing ever happens there, he's good practice for others.

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