Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Trauma & horoscope

I just discovered something I never knew... you cook all shellfish while it is alive. The oysters we put on the grill were still alive when we did that. I may be a little traumatized by this. I know they aren't so smart or anything but I've never cooked a chicken that was still bwaking at me.

All my horoscopes for the day seem to be pointing to good things. I mean I know that it is just a bunch of hooey anyway, but it is nice to read that good things are coming. Even if it is just something to hope for.

Quickie: Isn't it romantic? Get ready for love. It's about to enter your life in a big way.

Overview: Beauty surrounds you, and you know it. Take advantage of it, and soak it all in. Write out what you're feeling if you wish, or just enjoy relaxing in the soft, pleasant glow of life.

Daily love (by Astrology.com)The pieces of romance are falling into place. You have ideal communication, beauty and the intuition to make them work together. Now all you need is someone special who can really finish off the picture. They're coming.

Daily extended (by Astrology.com)It's a dandy idea to regularly schedule time to put your feet up and appreciate all the wondrous things that abound in your life from the very smallest joys (caramel-covered apples and multicolored Post-It notes) to the largest (friends, family and nature). So even though you have tons of bubbling energy to spare, give yourself permission to do not a darned thing with it except enjoy the life you have.

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