Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Am I turning into one of my parents?

So you know how sometimes you're doing something and all of a sudden you think 'Crap! When did I turn into my mother?' This has happened to me twice recently. I'm a little terrified about what that means...

1 - Twice a week I cook a bigger dinner and save the leftovers for lunch for 2 days. Recently, I had a chicken & rice concoction that was way too salty. The whole time I ate it (BOTH DAYS!) for lunch I kept thinking, damn this is too salty. This is SOOO my father. Once when I was little my sister went through a phase where she thought salt cooled things so she would POUR salt on everything. For some reason she poured a shitload of salt into tuna. It was inedible. My father ate it rather than waste the food.

2 - This one, even more recent. Today while working on some papers at work, I was poured over them and my glasses kept falling off so I just took them off and worked sans glasses. My mother used to do that all the time when she was concentrating hard. I'm terrified... simply terrified!

In other news, I LOVE the Eddie episodes of Friends. The guy kills me.

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Peeved Michelle said...

#1 cracks me up. Bryan is still in a rebellion against his mother who, even though she would acknowledge that what she made was inedible, would force the whole family to eat it. We are not like that. If we make something that tastes like crap, it goes in the trash. That is just the sort of wasteful consumers we are.