Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Today was WA state's primary elections. (Maybe it is that way for every state I don't really know... nor do I really care). This was the first year of closed primaries. (I believe that is the correct term). This year, we have to pick a party and then vote based on the party we've chosen. So since I'm mostly a democrat (big honking surprise there) I had to go with the democrat ticket, even though I may support some random libertarian candidate. There are a lot of people upset with this change, but I honestly don't know if this changes anything for me at all. My voting tends to follow along certain lines. Usually I like to do a lot of research, consult the guide and all that. Today I almost forgot that it was election day. I'm glad I remembered because I would've been pissed if I had failed to vote for such a stupidass reason. I didn't have enough time to really research, though. So I read what I could and then voted along these bizarre rules... since this was the primary I already knew I was voting democrat ticket. So as I read through each candidate if they were endorsed by someone I supported then I went with that person, I was also using the Seattle PI as a guide, I don't know why. If I don't have that option, then I vote for a woman. No women... I just guess randomly. Or you know... vote for the hottest one. Is that a bad way?? :)

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