Tuesday, September 14, 2004

My big boss...

I really like him. I want him to be my regular boss instead of having middle boss between us. (That's my way of saying why won't middle boss just quit already?! Although I will say that it has been nice having her in the office because I didn't realize how starved for conversation I was until she was back on Thursday & Friday...) Anyway, I had faculty orientation today where I had to talk to a bunch of new faculty about their benefits. I was a tiny bit nervous, although I don't know why I do this all the time (but with staff only not faculty), but I was even more nervous because big boss was in the meeting too. He's never seen me give one of these talks. I like him but I am neurotic, so I automatically assume that people will tell me I'm doing badly. (If you had my mother, my boss at Homestore and my boss at the casino you would know I come by this honestly and it isn't just my imagination...). Anyway, after we were talking about the meeting and he was full of praise. He said that I do just the high level benefits talk without dragging out into minutae. I keep the pace going quickly so that it doesn't feel like it drags forever. It was just very nice to hear that because I get so nervous. :) He talked a little bit in the meeting about sexual harrassment which one faculty wrote down as sexual assault training. That made me chuckle a bit.

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