Monday, September 06, 2004


So if I were a normal person this wouldn't frustrate the hell out of me, but things had been going so well today... So I went to the fabric store today and was totally excited because everything I wanted was on sale for the Labor Day holiday. I was very excited to pick up this stone gray fabric and a nice pattern. The patterns were on sale for 99 cents. I should've bought more of that pattern type but I figured I'm easing into this sewing thing. I got the fusable webbing needed for my tshirt quilt. Both the lights changed to let me catch the bus I needed so I wouldn't have to wait another 1/2 hr. I got tacos for lunch. Good day... So I get home and I start on my skirt. I'm very excited and figure that the perfect size 2 that I am, I can use the size 2 listed on the pattern. Here's where Joanne is not smart. Apparently the sizes on sewing patterns is not necessarily related to real life. I have put the 2 back pieces together and the front piece to one part of the back piece and figure I should double check. No dice. I have to rip out 1/2 the stitches on one side anyway, so I will pull all the stitches and try to make the seam much smaller and hope beyond hope... Otherwise... I'll be very sad. I have spent many hours today working on this and I loved the gray material and I would have to get yet another pattern because I've already cut off all the excess to make the size smaller. :( Good lesson I suppose. But disappointing.

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StellaMarisol said...

That is why I always buy extra fabric. I swear that there should be a warning label for the "challenged" among us who feel that we are creative.

At least the good news is that it's not our real life size we are sewing, considering it's always ten sizes bigger than actual butt size.

I think it's a con game, they get you into the fabric store, it's only a dollar. Yes you too can wear designer clothes for one whole dollar. (Fine print- after your blood, sweat and tears this beautiful outfit you created for yourself may fit you).

But actually the good news, the creative can actually bragg that she is getting clothes custom made. That is someone comes over and see the remains of the last size two pattern.