Monday, September 20, 2004


I pride myself on being excellent with names & faces. Usually I can remember a person I've met only once (you know as long as it wasn't once when I was like 8) and can probably tell you where I met them. I'm freakish like that. Of course I can't remember this entire month to call my bank and activate my new ATM card which expires in 10 days. So imagine my embarrassment when a faculty member came in and asked a question and I answered it and made some comment about his new baby. He's not the faculty I was thinking of... not at all. Luckily he has a 2 year old and my joke was about standing in the really long financial aid line just outside my office and how he has a few years before he will have to do that so it was really only a gaffe in my own mind. Whoops. :)

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