Sunday, September 19, 2004

Good morning = Bad afternoon??

Dammit! This started out to be a fabulous day! I got my laundry done, redyed my blue shirt a very nice shade of blue and spent some of this morning sitting on the sofa watching TV. Then I wandered down to the library and got what I needed. My last field trip was to the old Fred Meyer (which is being remodelled into a new QFC) to get crackers because I'm all out. I wander around the Broadway Market looking for the enterence because apparently it moved. Yup it did and almost ALL of the Fred Meyer is closed so no crackers there. :( I try QFC across the road. No crackers :( Then I field trip up to Madison Coop. To get there I have to walk up a hill steep like this... / I hate coops. I hate rock & twig stores. They have crazy things like vegetarian dog food. Dogs aren't supposed to be vegetarian! Now for some reason I thought THEY would have my crackers and pizza mix. No dice. Fuckers. Now I've wandered all over town looking for something that apparently I can't find on the hill. Then on the bus home... my driver didn't stop at my stop and I had to walk extra. All these are minor bothers at best I realize...

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