Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Observations of today

1 - Adult men should not ride little boy bicycles. You know the bikes I mean... the kind you'd buy for your 8 year old son... When I was growing up it was the Diamondback that was all the rage. Adult men shouldn't ride them, they look like asses.

2 - So I'm one of those wish upon a star, throw a penny in a fountian kind of girl... but one should not wish upon an airplane. As I was walking home from QFC I thought I was wishing on a star then I realized the star was moving...

3 - I'm finally accepting that I am sick. Apparently death cough was really just a chest cold starting. So now I'm all hot and sweaty and coughy... Being single when you are sick kind of sucks. Nobody is here with me to rub my back when I don't feel well or make me soup or run to qfc when I'm out of kleenex. Probably being a single parent when you're sick sucks worse, but really I can only focus on me right now. :)

4 - Tacos from Taco Del Mar are probably not on a the approved list of foods for a sick person, but damn they're good anyway. Oh, mango rum with pineapple juice probably isn't on the menu either, but that's good too. :)

1 comment:

Peeved Michelle said...

Alcohol suppresses your immune system, you bad girl. It probably pushed you over the edge into full blown sickness.