Tuesday, September 14, 2004


So I skipped the gym for like the last 2 weeks. The first week because I was so damn sick and part of last week the same reason. Then I skipped the rest of the week just because. :) And I skipped yesterday. This morning I finally hauled my ass out of bed and got there. It was rough.

The things I don't miss about the gym:
1 - It is HOT in there. Ridiculously so.
2 - Eastern European Swimming Women discussing swimming in the locker room.

The things I did miss:
1 - I feel almost ashamed to admit this, but I do feel better when I go. I feel more awake and alive.
2 - The showers are SOO much better than my shower at home.
3 - Once I'm actually there, I like working out. Yikes... what have I turned into??

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