Friday, September 10, 2004


Once upon a time I was a camp counselor. I did this for 6 years in Alaska & Arizona. All for Girsl Scouts. For two of those years, Michelle was at camp with me. One fine day I was in the arts & crafts cabin with my unit. We were sitting on the floor working with plastic canvas when I uttered what is probably Michelle's most favorite quote from me ever. One little girl was asking another little girl what she was making. She didn't say it in the fashion of "Oh that's interesting what is it?" It was more along the "WTF are you doing there crazy?" My response... "Why does it have to be anything? Why can't it just be art?" I was dead serious. Michelle, (and the other counselors in the building at the time) removed herself from the area and busted up laughing. It has now become one of those phrases that we use periodically and just crack up. She just IM'd it to me and it made me smile and feel a little wistful. Sasquatch. Sigh.

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Peeved Michelle said...

Camp Equations:

Sasquatch = Yummy

Veg-All = Yucky

Moose Swimming in Lake = Funny

Michelle + The Life Guard = WTF?

DEET = Lifesaver

Pocketknife Safety = Hilarious

Moothe, Moothe, Grithly Bear = Too Adorable for Words