Sunday, September 12, 2004

Tears?? There's no crying in blogging.

So I'm sitting here IMing 2 different folks. And one of them told me that he was hunting and got a moose calf. For some reason, this totally made me cry. I don't know that it was the specific moose calf death that caused it, probably just something I needed to do but it was unusual anyway. I've had a stupid headache most of the afternoon. I'm attributing my tears to that.

Earlier today I went to the Seattle Center. They had the WTC memorial quilt on display there. It was beautiful... It was done in segments so that ultimately it could be tied together but it was just hanging. Some of the quilting done was so interesting. One person had quilted Liberty Bells into the whole thing. Another, the words of America the Beautiful. They gave us plastic gloves to wear if we wanted to touch it at all so the oils of our fingers (repeatedly I guess) wouldn't damage it.

Finally, I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but Nick Lachey looked pretty hot guest starring on Charmed tonight. Since he was acting, he wasn't being the asshat you sometimes see on his show.


Peeved Michelle said...

I saw only a few minutes of Charmed, but I was surprised that his acting didn't make me cringe.

Elisha said...

That's so funny! I saw charmed last night too. but the guy I am seeing thinks Nick is a saint for putting up w/ Jessica and that he is just the greatest guy, and I am just like, WHAT?! He is supposed to love her for her and all he does is try to change her and tell her how spoiled she is (which it's true but she shouldnt have to be put down by her husband!)I just think is't funny that someone else thinks he acts like an asshat!